The only completely safe contraceptive that prevents unwanted pregnancies with nearly 100%* effectiveness

    causes ZERO side effects and no after-effects.


    Saves Lives

    Ingredients of the original Smart Women’s Choice:

    Potassium palmate, potassium oleate, coconut oil, potassium castorate, potassium citrate and a touch of Lavender extract; it contains no hormones and no spermicides.


    Ingredients of the new, hypoallergenic formula:

    water, glycerin, potassium oleate, potassium palmate, potassium castorate, potassium citrate, mono- and diglycerides. It contains no fragrance, no hormones and no spermicides.


    SMART WOMEN'S CHOICE is the only healthy alternative to the hormone-based pills, patches and mechanical devices, whose dangerous side effects include: sleeping disorders, fatigue, low energy, reduced libido, frightful personality changes, blood clots that kill occasionally and significantly increased risk to get cancer or suffer a stroke.
    There are tens of thousands of individual lawsuits pending, brought by parents who have lost a daughter or by women who have been irreparably injured by the use of hormonal contraceptives. There is also an increased risk of bringing into the world a damaged child when you stop taking the pill in order to become pregnant. Often couples appear to be sterile for a year or more after using the pill, yet another measure of how severely the woman’s health has been compromised. Many couples do not realize that fact, take medication to hasten getting pregnant, and get injured again by that medication. There are absolutely NO SUCH RISKS associated with the use of Smart Women’s Choice. When you decide that it is time to start a family, all you do is stop using SWC. You will become pregnant as soon as your natural state of fertility allows.

    Why Women trust Smart Women's Choice:

    • SMART WOMEN'S CHOICE birth control is 100% effective when used as directed, i.e. in case of a repeat performance, you have to apply a fresh dose of SWC.
    • SWC causes ZERO side effects
    • SWC contains no hormones
    • SWC contains no spermicides

    NO Fertilization = NO Pregnancy

    *Over 2,500 women have used SWC for the past four years and no one got pregnant.

  • How Fertilization Works:

    Life starts by sperm fertilizing an ovum, or egg, which is released periodically from the ovaries into the oviducts, the only place where fertilization can occur.


    SMART WOMEN'S CHOICE is a vaginal gel that completely immobilizes the sperm, therefore, the sperm cannot make the journey from the vagina, where it is deposited during intercourse, up the oviduct; it never encounters the ovum, and fertilization does not take place.


    NO Fertilization = NO Pregnancy


    This is the basis of its 100% effectiveness, and also why it produces no side effects. It does not work on the woman's hormonal system which causes the harmful side effects of the pill, etc. It merely coagulates the sperm and prevents it from meeting the ovum/egg.

    How Smart Women's Choice Works:

    Smart Women's Choice Lab Test Video


    Making love the way nature intended is an exhilarating experience!

    Step 1: Squeeze approximately 1 inch of SMART WOMEN'S CHOICE all-natural birth control gel onto your middle finger.

    Step 1: Squeeze

    Squeeze approximately one inch of SMART WOMEN'S CHOICE birth control gel onto your middle finger. 

    Step 2: Insert SMART WOMEN'S CHOICE contraceptive gel into the vagina immediately before having sex. SWC lubricates the area, too, for  a more comfortable experience.

    Step 2: Insert

    Insert into the vagina immediately and every time before having sex; your partner's movements will place it where he is going to ejaculate. It helps lubricate for comfort, too.

    Step 3: Rinse SMART WOMEN'S CHOICE birth control gel away with tap water after you're done making love...the way nature intended.

    Step 3: Rinse

    Just rinse the pelvic area with tap water after you're done making love. Sex is messy. Do not douche!

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  • Reviews


    Hey Doc, My name is Ashley. I'm 24 years old and do everything I possibly can do for the well being on my body. I have given di erent forms of bc a chance and completely did my body wrong. The birth control changed my body so much that I didn't even want to have sex. So it defeated the purpose entirely. I'm ready to try something else. The thought of my partner getting a vasectomy upsets me, and he doesn't want me to put my body through any more than I already have. I came across your product and it's like an answer to everything I asked for. Almost too good to be true. I'm reaching out because though your website has everything I need to know I just want to know more, I want to know the effectiveness. Will this product throw off my ph and cause a yeast infection? I'm so glad I found this form of birth control but I'm in need of guidance. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Regards, Ashley B.



    Thank you for taking the time to speak to me on the phone the other day.

    I have been researching pretty thoroughly - safety & chemical properties of each ingredient (all rated a "1" and potassium oleate, which is a "2," on the EWG skin deep database). I also researched fertility clinics for information about sperm motility/female age/infertility. The sperm motility video I found compared to the video you provided gives me significant reassurance. SWC is a better option for me (knowing age is in my favor) than oral contraceptives, an IUD or surgical sterilization. As a side note, I was considering Essure until I discovered it has been taken off the market in every country except the USA. European standards are more stringent and the EU does not cater to Big Pharma, in my opinion. I should also disclose that I'm a pharmacist by profession. 😂

    SWC, simply stated, is "chemical warfare" against sperm motility.

    Thank you again for your time and the information, as well as holding my order so I could do additional research.

    My comments may be used on your web site if you do not use my full name!


    Best regards,



    Ross Pelton, R.Ph, CCN

    I have been a long-time supporter of women’s health issues. One of my concerns is the side effects caused by birth control pills. Consequently, I authored ‘The Pill Problem,’ which teaches women how to prevent the side effects from birth control pills.


    A safe form of contraception for women would be of tremendous worldwide health benefit to women (and their spouses if women are avoiding the side effects of BC pills & IUDs). I am happy to report that a safe form of contraception for women has been developed. It is named Smart Women’s Choice.


    SMART WOMEN’S CHOICE is a vaginal gel that is made with safe, natural ingredients. It works by causing the entire ejaculate to coagulate. Thus, the sperm are prevented from traveling up the Fallopian tubes where fertilization takes place. The coagulate exits the vagina at the end of the intercourse and a rinse with tap water is recommended for the sake of hygiene.


    Ursula M.

    My husband and I have tried several birth control choices, but were never quite satisfied until we found Smart Women’s Choice. Easy and pleasant to use, it lets us enjoy love making without worries about unwanted pregnancy. Most satisfying. Can highly recommend.

    Micala C.

    This review is for Smart Women's Choice Birth Control. The side effects of most traditional forms of birth control are pretty terrifying, so I was willing to give this a shot. My birth control pill was making me very tired and not want to have sex at all, so I knew I had to try something else. I googled "safe birth control" and came across this product. So far the results have been great!! It's easy to apply and use, and I have no complaints!

    I would highly recommend it! I think it's a great, safe alternative and you should give it a try.

    Martha B.

    My partner and I have been using Smart Women’s Choice now for over seven months and are delighted and grateful for this safe, easy to use alternative to the hormonal contraceptives I have been using that made me sick. Thank you, SWC!

    Courtney B.

    I've told a couple girl friends of mine about your product. One being a holistic health coach and she will definitely let her clients know about your product since she has worked with some patients that got off the birth control pill because of it's harsh side effects. You'll be getting more purchases from North Alabama! Thank you again for creating your product!


    Tearney V.

    Hello, I was looking up none hormonal birth control methods since hormonal birth controls have never worked for me. I've tried almost every one of them and had the same results; depression, mood swings, and just ending up being psycho. I've been on birth control off and on since my teen years. I am 24 now and unfortunately am not in a stable place yet to have a baby. So my question is, would i just put it around the inside of my vagina, or does it go on my cervix? How long is it good for if your not done in about 10 min? Do i have to stop and keep replacing it? My boyfriend and i are considering trying this method. Condoms are kind of a mood killer. And takes away some feeling.

    Dr. Kayli, Chiropractor & Kinesiologist


    I am so excited to see this product as it came to my awareness from Dr. Sherrill Sellman.

    I am a Chiropractor and Kinesiologist working in Australia (originally from Canada) and am very passionate about women's health. I have been looking for a natural product myself and this is brilliant!

    THANK YOU for your efforts firstly.


    Hello, my name is Karissa. I am a 20 year old female and have had the birth control implant for two months now, and I don't feel like the same person. I have reoccurring uti's and mood swings along with depression and sleepiness. My libido is terrible! I feel so bad for my partner. I am curious as to how e ective your product is, and how long you have been in business? Thank you so much! -Karissa O.



    Hi there! Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me today and answer all of my questions. I have been on several types of birth control including chemical filled spermicides, the pill, and an arm implant. I am only 19 years old and I live a healthy lifestyle. But over the last 3-4 years since I’ve been on birth control I have been having an uphill battle with depression. It took me a long time to realize that the symptoms I had were also the symptoms that my birth control claimed to cause! I had no idea..nobody told me. I told my boyfriend what I had discovered and he was shocked as well. I stopped taking my everyday contraceptive pill and within two weeks was already feeling more like myself. My partner and I tried using condoms but I am allergic to latex, I am also vegan so it wasn’t very difficult to find condoms that lined up with my moral values. I received my Smart Women’s Choice tonight and ripped open the package immediately! The texture is soft and slightly greasy and the smell is a subtle lavender! It feels absolutely amazing. I am so happy to finally be able to have hormone free, cancer free, cruelty free, side effect free, skin to skin sex with my love for the first time in my life. Thank you for creating this product.


  • About Dr. Francoise Farron - creator of SMART WOMEN'S CHOICE

    Dr. Francoise Farron, creator of SMART WOMEN'S CHOICE, the all natural, 100% effective birth control alternative with zero side effects

    Françoise Farron had all the characteristics of a scientist long before she went to college. She was endlessly curious, rigorously honest, loved work and was unerringly focused on what is important.


    Françoise started her studies at the University of California at Berkeley, got her Ph.D. in Biochemistry from New York University Medical School.


    Francoise got her first job at Harvard Medical School, studying control mechanisms of cell growth, as part of a larger program designed to understand the phenomenon of uncontrolled growth in cancer cells.


    Her discovery of the contraceptive properties of SMART WOMEN'S CHOICE actually occurred while meeting a group of women in France who mentioned casually that they used certain innocuous substances very effectively as birth control in preference to the hormone-based pill.


    It was only when a friend lost a beautiful young daughter caused by blood clots due to her use of a hormone-containing birth control device that finding an alternative to the dangerous hormone-based contraceptives became her focus.


    Upon researching the subject, Dr. Farron discovered that women who used the pill, the patch, or hormone-containing devices such as diaphragms, etc., exposed themselves to tremendously increased cancer risks, to developing blood clots that can prove fatal, and to many other side effects such as sleeplessness, and so she began work on formulating what eventually became SWC birth control gel.

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1. SMART WOMEN'S CHOICE (SWC) has been formulated using natural ingredients. We have not had a single report of pregnancy by an SWC user to-date. To keep our lawyers happy, however, we advise you of the following:

a. We cannot guarantee you will not become pregnant. 
b. We cannot  guarantee that you will not experience side effects, short or long term.

When you purchase and/or use SWC you agree that your use of the product is completely at your own risk and further agree to hold Smart Women's Choice, Inc. and its officers and directors harmless from any claims of liability.

2. SWC does not deteriorate chemically, so it has no expiration date, but we do recommend that you keep it in the fridge to keep the gel from getting runny in warm ambient temperatures. Cool gel is easier to apply. 

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