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The Smart Women’s Choice Story

Dr. Francoise Farron was a research scientist, and decades prior to developing SWC, she learned of a historical method to use soap as a contraceptive product when she was traveling in Europe. Scientists have known that soap has contraceptive properties for decades, but it was never in widespread use because soap was too harsh. Dr. Farron’s patented formula paved the path between an effective method and a product women can comfortably use.

At the time of her initial discovery, Dr. Farron had no interest in starting a contraceptive company and only made the cream for personal use and for friends. Decades later, a close friend’s young daughter died suddenly from complications from a hormonal contraceptive, and immediately Dr. Farron decided she MUST do something with her previous discovery. Women shouldn’t be dying to prevent pregnancy. In 2016, Dr. Farron began selling her contraceptive worldwide, and in 2018 she received a patent for her invention.

In the last several years, thousands of women have come to count on Smart Women’s Choice as a trusted alternative to hormonal birth control products and barrier methods.

Dr. Farron and Jen Richard connected in the spring of 2021 and collaborated to refine the production process of Smart Women’s Choice. Dr. Farron, being advanced in years, was also looking to retire. She needed to make sure that women would continue to have access to this life-changing product. Jen’s commitment to develop safe and effective natural products was the perfect match for SWC, and Dr. Farron passed her legacy in women’s wellness onto Jen Richard at the end of 2021.

Jen is committed to women’s wellness and education for the whole person. She is passionate about natural health, natural health products, and simple lifestyle solutions that lead to more vibrant health for women, their partners, and their families.

Jen Richards

Company Values

Smart Women’s Choice stands for:
  • Safe birth control as an act of care.
  • Creating deeper intimacy and trust through the procurement, retrieval and application of birth control by either partner.
  • Access to medical care and birth control options.
  • A relational shift between partners toward shared expectations about birth control.
  • Lifting up the oppressed. We believe in the mission of Save More Kids and stand behind them financially through our current $5 per order campaign and giving Tuesday.


Jen Richard

Jen Richard

CEO and Production Manager
Jen loves being outside and riding her bicycle, foraging native plants for food and medicine, dreaming up new and improved products, and her crazy dog Lily.

Stephanie Blyler

Stephanie Blyler

Executive Assistant and Social Media Manager
Stephanie lives in the country and loves taking walks on her dirt road. She enjoys raising her own chickens.

Ana Richard

Ana Richard

Order Fulfillment and Production Assistant
Ana loves dirt biking and reading historical fiction.