Announcing a Completely Safe Alternative to Dangerous Hormonal Contraceptives


Smart Women's Choice, Inc.

San Diego, CA, February 23, 2016

A recent article by Dr. Philippa Bridge-Cook, published in the periodical ‘Hormones Matter,’ focuses on the increased occurrence of blood clots in women who are on hormonal contraceptives. Statistics are deceptive in this case, as the incidence is considered relatively low: about 4-7 in 10,000, the risk from using patches and vaginal rings being the highest. However, since over 80 percent of American women use hormonal birth control at some point in their lives, these relatively small risks translate into significant numbers of cases each year[1]; yet these risks are often not clearly communicated by doctors to their patients.

It seems that regulatory agencies are willing to lower safety standards for the sake of user convenience, something that most women probably would not consent to, if they understood the nature of the risks they were expected to take, or if they knew that thousands of women have died from using hormone-based birth control  methods

Blood clots are of course only one of the many deleterious side effects of hormonal contraception. The most common are fatigue due to sleeplessness, loss of libido which puts considerable strain on marriages, headaches and breast pain. The most insidious of all is the substantial increase of cancer risk.

The good news is that within the last two years a novel, revolutionary birth control has come to market, SMART WOMEN’S CHOICE, that works in an entirely different way from hormone-based birth control methods. SWC contains NO HORMONES and NO GERMICIDES. It is a vaginal gel that completely immobilizes the sperm within the vagina on contact. 

For fertilization to occur sperm must travel from the vagina into the Fallopian Tubes, the only place where fertilization can occur. Since the immobilized sperm cannot make that journey, fertilization and therefore pregnancy is completely inhibited. 

We are pleased to announce that by working based on an entirely different biological principle, SMART WOMEN'S CHOICE is the only completely safe birth control on the market to-date.

[1] Hormones Matter, Dru West, MFT, Sep 15/15: Blood Clots While on Hormonal Contraceptives: Fact or Fear Mongering ( Accessed Feb 23/16.



Dr. Francoise Farron, Founder

Smart Women's Choice, Inc.


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