Enthusiastic embrace of SMART WOMEN'S CHOICE at Las Vegas conference on the dangers of hormone-containing contraceptives to women's lives


Smart Women's Choice, Inc. 

Las Vegas, Nevada, Dec 18, 2015

On Saturday, December 12th a gathering of researchers in the fields of reproductive biology and birth control met to explore ways to enable young women to make better, more informed choices when deciding on the type of birth control they would want to use.

Dr. Francoise Farron, founder and creator of the SWC spoke to women and researchers at the conference. "In view of the thousands of young, beautiful women who have died or were seriously injured by using hormone containing birth control pills or devices, the topic is of the utmost importance. SWC is the only contraceptive on the market that combines both 100% efficacy with ZERO harmful side effects, said Farron."

It was therefore no surprise that Smart Women’s Choice got an enthusiastic reception at this meeting.

Attendees were particularly fascinated to learn how SWC works. They appreciated the tremendous advantage over other contraceptive methods, that SWC prevents conception by inhibiting the motility of the sperm, not by upsetting the woman’s hormonal system.

Other alternatives to hormone containing birth controls were presented, foremost the rhythm method that measures changes of both temperature and mucous consistency in the vagina throughout the menstrual cycle and determines with astounding accuracy the days the woman is fertile.

At the conclusion of this very informative meeting allowing for candid exchanges on many types of experiences, the group agreed on these important points:

  • That physicians are inadequately informed about the way hormone containing pills and devices operate and most do not seem to appreciate the severity of the side effects;

  • That most women do not have an adequate understanding of the biology of the reproductive process that would help them to make better informed choices;

  • That warning labels do not prevent people from using very dangerous products.

The conclusion was that the best way this dedicated group can further women’s health within the context of family planning, is to educate the community, and especially the young women in the community, about the facts presented at this remarkably successful gathering.


Fabricated with the finest natural ingredients to ensure comfort and safety, SMART WOMEN’S CHOICE is the only birth control, without the uncertainty and the many discomforts of mechanical devices or the dangerous side effects of hormone containing drugs, like “the pill.”

SMART WOMEN'S CHOICE is a vaginal gel that contains no hormones or germicides; it is the most effective and safe contraceptive currently on the market. There are no itching or burning sensations connected with its use. It functions by coagulating the entire ejaculate; thus the sperm cannot travel up the Fallopian tubes where fertilization takes place. The coagulate exits the vagina at the end of intercourse, followed by a simple rinse with tap water. 

Please visit the Smart Women's Choice website: www.SmartWomensChoice.com

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