Is Smart Women’s Choice a Good Fit for Me?

Feb 12, 2023

Have you wondered if Smart Women’s Choice is a good fit for you? Well, if you have five minutes, you can take the quiz below and find out!

Answer the following questions as true or false, and use your fingers to add up the TRUE responses.

Quiz: Is SWC a good fit for me?

1. I have experienced frustrating side effects from my birth control method, and I’m ready to try something else or I am seeking birth control for the first time and want to begin with a natural, hormone-free option.

2. I am currently in a safe, committed relationship.

3. I am not concerned about protecting myself from sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in my relationship.

4. Just like other things that are important to me for my health and well-being, I will develop a ritual to remember to use my new birth control each time I have sex.

5. I do not rely on my current birth control to manage any other conditions or symptoms.

6. I am comfortable with my body and can insert a contraceptive into my vagina. Or, I am willing to learn to insert a contraceptive into my vagina.

7. I have not experienced childbirth or pregnancy loss in the past six months.* *Women who have experienced childbirth or pregnancy loss within the past six months may be more likely to experience temporary irritation from Smart Women’s Choice.

Now, count up the number of items you marked as true:

If you scored 5-7 True Statements, then you and SWC are like peas and carrots!
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If you scored 3-4 True Statements, then SWC may still be a good fit for you.
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If you scored 1-2 True Statements, SWC may not be the best birth control option for you at this time, OR it may serve you well as a complementary method.
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Your score on the quiz does not tell you that you can or cannot use SWC. Rather, it gives you some insight on how well the cream fits your circumstances.

Smart Women’s Choice is used by thousands of women around the world. Women who have children and those who have no children. Women who are 18 and women who are 45. Women who want more children in the future, and women who have decided their family is complete. Women who observe cultural restrictions and women who are able to choose from all the birth control methods available in their area.

We welcome connecting with you and answering specific questions you may have.
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