Smart Women's Choice, Inc. Announces New Hypoallergenic Formula

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(PRWEB) San Diego, CA, September 08, 2017

Smart Women's Choice, the one and only hormone-free, completely safe birth control that is 100% effective when used as directed, is delighted to announce the release of its new, hypoallergenic formula.


The original formula works beautifully for most clients, yet every so often we heard reports of tenderness or discomfort. The hypo-allergenic formula was specifically developed to be able to serve even our most sensitive clients.

The hypoallergenic formula costs 38.50 for a 1 ounce package. This is adequate for 50 applications, so even with tax, the cost is less than a dollar per application. No prescription is necessary, no doctor's visit or trip to the pharmacy, just a few clicks on the computer and your package arrives at your door, usually within 3 days.

Dr. Françoise Farron, Founder

Smart Women’s Choice, Inc.

P.O. Box 3361 La Jolla, CA, USA 92038


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