Smart Women's Choice Inc. Celebrates its Second Anniversary!

As awareness of the connection between hormone-based contraceptives and severe health problems increases, women recognize that Smart Women's Choice is the solution they have been hoping for.

Smart Women's Choice, Inc.
San Diego, CA, March 27, 2016

On the celebration of the first two years of successful sales of SMART WOMEN'S CHOICE, the safe and reliably effective birth control, the company wishes above all to thank their esteemed customers for their loyalty, their repeat purchases, and for being SWC's best sales people.

As with all novel, revolutionary discoveries, SMART WOMEN'S CHOICE, the all natural, hormone-free contraceptive, had its share of skeptics in the beginning, who claimed - without any kind of proof, mind you - that there is no such thing as a 100% effective birth control. Yet, after hundreds of units sold during the two years Smart Women's Choice is celebrating today, their completely satisfied customers reward them with their loyalty and repeat purchases. Many write to tell us how grateful they are for SWC, the delightful alternative to the hazardous pills, patches, and other hormone-laced devices; and that SWC is the solution to their problem with hormone-based contraceptives, they have been searching for.

As the harmful, occasionally even fatal, side effects of hormone-containing pills, patches, or hormone-laced mechanical devices are becoming more widely known, and as they are being more intensely studied and the adverse effects are being more frequently published, women abandon hormonal contraceptive strategies and are searching for safe alternatives.

Many have found exactly what they were looking for in the use of Smart Women's Choice, the hormone-free vaginal gel, that works by immobilizing the sperm, and thus prevents fertilization from taking place, as described in great detail on our website.

After two years of sales of hundreds of units, there are no pregnancies or other complaints; only satisfied, loyal customers. And Smart Women's Choice salutes them!



Dr. Francoise Farron, Founder

Smart Women's Choice, Inc.


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