Smart Women’s Choice: Simple and Sustainable

Apr 21, 2023

Is Smart Women’s Choice a sustainable company?  That’s a great question we hear quite often.

Sustainability and simplicity are two concepts that have gained importance in recent years, particularly among natural-minded women. As more people become aware of the impact their actions have on the environment, the need for sustainable practices has become more apparent. Additionally, the concept of simplicity has gained ground as people seek to reduce their carbon footprint and live more eco-friendly lifestyles.

Since the word sustainable gets tossed around a lot, let’s define the term before we talk about the sustainability values that drive the mission at Smart Women’s Choice. 

What is sustainability?

Sustainability is ensuring that resources are used in a way that meets present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. As a naturally-minded woman, this means I put a high value on products that are eco-friendly and do not harm people nor the environment at any point in the process to get a product into my hands. This could involve using products made from sustainable materials, such as wood, cotton, or other plants, or using products made with renewable energy sources. It could also mean making use of products that are reusable and low-impact, such as cloth shopping bags and reusable water bottles instead of single use options. 


Smart Women’s Choice: Simple and Sustainable

The principles of sustainability can be applied to just about anything, from our mindset to relationships, to our home and lifestyle, our job and work ethic, and the products we buy and the materials and processes needed to create a product.  For example, a sustainable job is going to provide enough money to cover your living expenses with margin leftover to provide for future needs and desires. It will also allow adequate time off for your personal life.  

There are several questions that our team asks when we choose materials and services necessary in creating  Smart Women’s Choice: 

Material sourcing 

Sourcing our materials is a top concern for the final quality of our product.  We take into account how our formula’s ingredients are sourced:   How are the plants grown and harvested? How are the workers treated?  Are they paid a true living wage?  Are the growing and harvest methods damaging to the environment, neutral, or of a regenerative nature?    What are the working conditions for all the workers involved in processing the material?  Is the material of superior quality?  

Shipping and transport

For both the materials needed to make the Smart Women’s Choice cream and the day-to-day needs of the company, we ask:  How far does that material need to travel to reach us? How much waste is generated in the processing, packaging, and shipping of our cream? Is the packaging recyclable or reusable?  

Economic sustainability

As a small business, purchasing from other small businesses contributes to sustainability goals in several ways. Small businesses often have a smaller carbon footprint compared to larger corporations, and buying from them can reduce transportation and distribution channels. It also supports the economy and community, and creates jobs, and income for individuals. Small businesses often prioritize ethical practices, such as fair labor, responsible sourcing, and sustainable production methods, and purchasing from them encourages these practices. Supporting small businesses promotes innovation and progress toward our sustainability goals. Overall, buying from small businesses can have a positive impact on the environment, the economy, and social well-being.

Social impact

We believe this is especially important regarding the materials we count on that are grown outside of the US, where working conditions can vary and be a challenge to verify. How are the workers treated at every step in the process?  Are the workers earning a true living wage for their labor? For now, Smart Women’s Choice  relies on certifying institutions to be our eyes and ears to discern ethical pay and working conditions.   Smart Women’s Choice prefers to support small companies and small farming cooperatives whenever possible.  As we grow, we dream to partner with specific farms and cooperatives for our plant-based materials, to make an even greater impact in small farming communities around the world. 

Our team loves the challenge to help Smart Women’s Choice become even more sustainable as we grow, providing an even more positive impact on women, couples, and the world. 

In 2022, we converted from plastic bubble mailers envelopes to paper mailers, and now, we are converting over to kraft padded paper mailers that contain no plastic. You can peel the label off these babies and toss them into your compost bin!

How is sustainability important to you in personal care products?  Would you like to learn more about how Smart Women’s Choice is becoming more sustainable and where we source our materials from?  Let us know!