Why You Should Use Non-hormonal

Birth Control

There are many options when it comes to hormone free contraceptives, but this list will specifically be highlighting the benefits of using Smart Women’s Choice, non-hormonal birth control cream. Smart Women’s Choice has been patented by Dr. Francoise Farron. Take a look below to see why you should switch to non-hormonal birth control:

It's good for your health

Non-hormonal birth control doesn’t contain any synthetic hormones, which means that your natural hormone system is not being compromised when you use this method of contraception. No hormones also means no side effects so you can forget about the headaches, nausea, weight gain, and all of the other side effects that typically come along with hormonal birth control methods. Smart Women’s Choice is also made from the finest natural plant based ingredients, giving you the peace of mind that you need to feel safe using it.

It gives you freedom

Smart Women’s Choice gives you the freedom to use it only when you choose to have sex. That means you don’t have to set a reminder to take it every day like the Pill, or schedule an appointment with a doctor to get it removed like with the IUD.

It's effective

Many women are choosing to switch to hormone free birth control because it is a safe and effective alternative to hormonal birth control. Smart Women’s Choice has had many of the same customers since they started their business 7 years ago, and more women are making the switch every single day.

It gives you more control over your fertility

One of the biggest perks about using non-hormonal birth control is that it is easy to get pregnant when you stop using it. When you use hormonal birth control, it may take several months for your natural hormonal system to get back on track, but when you use Smart Women’s Choice, this isn’t a problem. Simply stop using it and you should be able to get pregnant when your body allows. Smart Women’s Choice is also safe to use while breastfeeding, making it a great option for new mothers.

If you have any more questions about using non-hormonal birth control, please feel free to reach out to us at swc91923@gmail.com!

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