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Learn about Smart Women’s Choice

Learn about Smart Women’s Choice

How Smart Women’s Choice Works
  • In order to become pregnant, sperm need to travel quite a distance!
  • Smart Women’s Choice immobilizes sperm in the vagina.
  • Because the sperm cant swim to an egg, the egg is not fertilized, and no pregnancy occurs.

Watch the video to see how SWC works.

Contraceptive Basics

Pregnancy is a natural consequence of sexual intercourse, bringing together sperm and egg. The goal of all birth control is to prevent this natural consequence from occurring, while still allowing for participation and enjoyment of sexual activity.

These are five ways in which pregnancy is prevented:

How to Use Smart Women’s Choice

Timing is crucial, so have your container handy! After foreplay and immediately before penetration is the right time to use your Smart Women’s Choice.


Squeeze approximately one inch of Smart Women’s Choice cream onto your finger.


Insert into the vagina immediately before having intercourse. This takes only a moment.


Enjoy yourself.


Follow your normal hygiene routine.

Note: If you have intercourse more than one time, you will need to reapply SWC cream.

How to use

Using Smart Women’s Choice with Lubricants

  • Week to week, or even day to day, women experience hormonal fluctuations, life stresses, turn-ons and turn-offs. There are many factors that affect our libido and our biology. Every woman’s body is uniquely different, and how your body responds to using Smart Women’s Choice will vary.
  • Many women find that Smart Women’s Choice adds lubricating qualities. Some women find no difference, and a few find Smart Women’s Choice to be sticky or drying.
  • We recommend choosing a water- or oil-based lubricant with your Smart Women’s Choice cream, if you want to use one. Our customer favorites are Aloe Cadabra and plain coconut oil. Use the lubricant during foreplay, and then Smart Women’s Choice cream right before penetration. Do not combine the two together to form a new mixture, as this can affect proper measurement and application.

Using Smart Women’s Choice with other birth control methods

  • SWC was formulated to be used as a stand-alone contraceptive product.
  • Many couples find a combined approach is ideal to suit their personal protection goals. Our customers report using Smart Women’s Choice successfully alongside condoms, cervical caps, diaphragms, and family planning apps.
  • Smart Women’s Choice is a water-based product that contains a very small amount of oil. Want to find out if your device is compatible? Contact us! We are happy to help.