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    Birth control pills caused me many many issues. It took me almost a decade and a half to realize that the hormones in the birth control pill were the culprit.

    • Condoms are ok for me but not for husband. 
    • Spermicides toxic.
    • Cervical cap failed :/
    • Daysy only good for 25% of the month.
    • Neem results were uncertain.
    • Not willing to risk copper IUD.

    I think my life may have turned out very differently had I never spent my 20’s on the pill. I later had to grieve the loss of normal function (sleep quality, thyroid, personality changes) during those years. At the time, I had no idea how much it was really affecting me, though. I didn’t understand the connection.


    Your work will benefit humanity profoundly. Thank- you for sharing it.


    - LIZ, Chicago


    Hey Doc,


    My name is Ashley. I'm 24 years old and. Birth control changed my body so much that I didn't even want to have sex, so it defeated the purpose entirely. I was ready to try something else, but the thought of my partner getting a vasectomy upset me.


    I came across your product and it's the answer to everything I asked for. We have been using your product for 7 months now and are extremely happy with the experience. I am posting this so that other women can trust it and try it for themselves. Thank you so much for having created this amazing product. ASHLEY B, Oklahoma City


    We just let our children come whenever they came, but when my wife had some serious health challenges that put her actual life in danger. We started using condoms, which I hated because it took much of the feelings away. A close friend told her about SWC and we are so grateful. TYSON, Utah


    I used the pill before SWC. I got cystic acne, depression, mood swings and had no libido AT ALL. I did my own research for a safer birth control. SWC had no side effects and the reviews were great!


    This product is absolutely amazing. I can't even express how grateful I am. Thank you so much for creating a SAFE product with no side effects! LINDSAY, Denver


    I had the Mirena IUD. It caused me major anxiety issues, depression, acne, cramping. It was super painful to get in and to get it taken out. When I got it removed, the string coiled up so it was horrible to remove....and no one warns you about the "IUD crash" afterwards which is your body adjusting to it being gone. I decided to try SWC because of of the reviews, because it's something I can control, it's not an inconvenience or uncomfortable and it has no side effects. KANDIS, South Carolina


    We used to use condoms. Sex is a lot better without them. ZACHARY, Indianapolis


    Wish I had discovered SWC much earlier. I enjoy sex in its natural state. TREVOR, Atlanta


    Hi there!


    Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me today and answer all of my questions. I have been on several types of birth control including chemical filled spermicides, the pill, and an arm implant. I am only 19 years old and I live a healthy lifestyle. But over the last 3-4 years since I’ve been on birth control I have been having an uphill battle with depression. It took me a long time to realize that the symptoms I had were also the symptoms that my birth control claimed to cause! I had no idea..nobody told me. I told my boyfriend what I had discovered and he was shocked as well. I stopped taking my everyday contraceptive pill and within two weeks was already feeling more like myself. My partner and I tried using condoms but I am allergic to latex, I am also vegan so it wasn’t very difficult to find condoms that lined up with my moral values. I received my Smart Women’s Choice tonight and ripped open the package immediately! It feels absolutely amazing. I am so happy to finally be able to have hormone free, cancer free, cruelty free, side effect free, skin to skin sex with my love for the first time in my life. Thank you for creating this product. CASIE, Pennsylvania


    Love the freedom and effectiveness. MELISSA, Rhode Island


    SWC has been a great experience an I am 100% satisfied with this natural product. I love that it is natural and that I'm not putting unnatural hormones and chemicals in my body. Thank you so much. SAMANTHA, Reno


    Thank you for creating this product! I do not know what I'd do without it! ERICA, Minnesota


    I really appreciate this product. It has made my sexual health much better. I was tired of feeling sick all the time or being worried that other non-hormonal birth controls would fail. Kaitlyn, Oregon


    Thanks so much for a product that has been working so far since August 2019. LESICHIA, Oregon

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