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90 day money back guarantee is for new customers on their purchase of 1 tube of Smart Women’s Choice. Must reach out within 90 days of purchase date.

Step 1: Choose your container: Same hypoallergenic Smart Women’s Choice cream.

“Been using this product for 2 years, love that it is hormone free, healthy for me and the environment, and he enjoys applying it :)”
Kelly L.

Subscription: 15% off, recurring, they set the date (every 1-12 months)
(10 day reminder, you can change your order up to 3 days prior.

Shelf Life: Smart Women’s Choice is an all-natural product and we recommend you use your container within one year of purchase, and within 6-9 months of opening the container.

Storage: For users in most climates, store your jar on a bedside table or in a bathroom away from sunlight and tightly closed between uses. If you live somewhere extremely warm where the gel would be a runny consistency, then you may need to store your container in a cooler place like the fridge so you can dispense it properly. Cool cream is easier to apply.

Step 2: Choose a one-time order or sign up for the subscription service. Want extra sanity and savings? Save more per container and never run out when you set up a subscription.

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“Happy customer! I bought the sensitive formula. No smell to it and seems to work great. I haven’t got pregnant and I’m almost out of my first container. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a safe alternative birth control.”
Amanda M.

“Thanks so much for an amazing product!”
Sarah B.

“long time customer and excited to see you have the tube option.”
Christina H.

“I love that it is natural and that I’m not putting unnatural hormones and chemicals in my body. Thank you so much!”
Samantha N.